Watch ‘It Takeis Two’ Episodes 5 And 6


Episode 5: Great First Impression
George’s musical Allegiance is opening soon on Broadway, fulfilling his life-long dream. But to George’s dismay, none of his industry friends have called to congratulate. Brad concocts a plan to have some heavy hitters leave well wishes on their answering machine, but George discovers that something is a little bit off about these dazzling divas. Still, as they say in the biz, “The show must go on!”

Episode 6: The Star Alliancve
George Takei and husband Brad have released episode 6 of their heightened reality series IT TAKEIS TWO. In it, George is presented with an opportunity to do a screen test for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. But Husband Brad isn’t supportive of this opportunity initially claiming it will upset George’s diehard Star Trek fans. It is later discovered he has a secret gripe he’s been hiding. But George will not be deterred in his attempt to bring Brad over to the dark side. Will he be successful in stirring the slumber of the sleepy force or will Brad have a Boba fit?

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