Watch Green And Red Band Trailers For ‘Lady-Like’

Stephanie Simbari (Funny Girls), Allie Gallerani (The Institute) and Olivia Luccardi (It Follows, “Orange Is The New Black”), along with Beverly D’Angelo (“Entourage,” National Lampoon franchise), star in the hysterical coming-of-age story, Lady-Like, available digitally on October 10 and via special event screenings across the country soon thereafter. Craftsmen Media Co. brings us a bold, laugh-out-loud exploration of friendship, love, collegiate life, and the complexity of young womanhood. The timely feature also stars Zak Steiner (“Difficult People”), Nick Clark (4th Man Out) and Brian Wiles (“Turn: Washington’s Spies,” “Public Morals”), and is written and directed by Brent Craft in his directorial debut.

Lady-Like follows Allie (Simbari), who is simultaneously a hilarious loudmouth and brilliant introvert, as she struggles to find her place at a prestigious university. Hindered by her inclination to simply throw on a pair of sweatpants, order take out, and watch Netflix, Allie effectively eludes the obstacles in her life—preferring gossip and humor to working hard and finding concrete solutions. However, when her best friend and social crutch, Kort (Gallerani), starts dating a transfer student, Allie’s left to fend for herself; drinking, dating, and cursing her way into young womanhood with the tact and grace of a wrecking ball.

The independent feature’s Executive Producers are Ryan Craft, Nick Horbaczewski, and Strauss Zelnick. Producers include Matthew Nemeth, Matt Garner, and Andrew Carlberg.

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