Watch An Exclusive Clip From ‘A Doggone Christmas’ Movie

In “A Doggone Christmas”, Jesse plays an amazing pup with telepathic abilities who has escaped a government facility and run straight into the loving arms of two young brothers. But the Washington brass won’t give up their secret weapon that easily, and with a no-nonsense special forces agent hot on the trail, the boys and their school buddies must hide the charming canine from helicopters and drones—andtheir mom and dad, who’ve forbidden them to have a pet. Can these unexpected heroic kids, armed with only their wits, their bikes, and a strong bond with this special dog save the day?

“A Doggone Christmas” stars Dominique Swain (“Alpha Dog,” “Magik”), Rib Hillis (“General Hospital”), Lauren Parkinson (“Avengers Grimm”), Paul Logan (“Sniper: Special Ops”) and introducing “Just Jesse the Jack” Russell Terrier, as well as child stars Jolie Ledford, Walker Mintz, Jonathan Tysor, Jayden Hedden and Dilan Patton.

“Just Jesse the Jack” is an Internet sensation with over 17 Million views on his own web channel. “A Doggone Christmas” will be his first movie and the start of a new franchise, with “A Doggone Hollywood” currently in post-production, and “A Doggone Mystery” in currently in development, both set for release in 2017.

Don’t miss this Christmas adventure for the whole family this year, available on DVD and all major VOD platforms in North America now.

Directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Team5Films, “A Doggone Christmas” is 90-minutes long and is being released by Vision Films.

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