Watch Clip From ‘Six Degrees Of Everything’ Featuring Benny And Rafi Fine Premieres Tuesday

Six Degrees of Everything – “Einstein to Breast Implants” – Tuesday, August 18, at 9:30p.m. (ET/PT)

truTV’s brand new series Six Degrees of Everything is a fast-paced, comedic show hosted by online superstars Benny and Rafi Fine (Kids React), who spend each week proving that anything in the world – and we mean anything – can be connected in six degrees. Using every tool in their belt, from sketch comedy to original songs and reality segments, the guys take viewers down the comedic rabbit hole, uncovering fascinating facts and connecting our world in hilarious, inventive ways.

In tonight’s series’ premiere, the Fine brothers are going to take viewers on a wild journey as they connect Albert Einstein to breast implants in just six short degrees. Along the way, they discover that Einstein’s brain was actually stolen, Elvis was known to eat an 8,000-calorie sandwich, the Incredible Hulk was originally a different color, and car tires were once used for breast implants. Who knew exploring the universe of knowledge could be so entertaining?

Benny and Rafi’s Fine Brothers Entertainment produces some of the most viewed scripted and unscripted content in the world today, creating regular daily programming on YouTube to a highly engaged audience. They have more than 17 million subscribers on their main YouTube channel and generate 140+ million views each month. Their award-winning format Kids React and its spinoffs, Teens React and Elders React, consistently rank as the top shows on the web, turning the brothers into global media sensations.

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