Watch An Exclusive Clip From David Spade’s ‘Fameless’ Tonight On truTV

From the mischievous mind of David Spade comes Fameless – a genre-busting prank show that features an unsuspecting group of wannabe stars who think they have been cast on an actual reality show – and they have. Each week, our hilarious team of improv actors takes on a new challenge – from game show host to survival show contender to a home makeover expert – and creates sketches that parody the genre. But there’s a twist…one of the contestants is real. Half sketch show/half prank show this new comedy will take a light-hearted look at how far people will go to be famous. Guest stars this season include Michael Bolton, Gina Gershon, Ben Silverman, Brian Malarkey, Chris Hansen and Kat Von D.

In tonight’s episode, a self-proclaimed playboy panics after a kiss goes viral, a cocky food buff can’t stomach the main course, and when a wannabe reality star tries to expose a catfish, he’s the one caught on the hook. Guest stars include Chris Hansen and Brian Malarkey.

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