‘Walt Before Mickey’ Trailer

Vision Films is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Walt Before Mickey to DVD and VOD this year on December 5th 2015 – Walt Disney’s birthday – following its successful theatrical release in August. Starring Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie) as Walt Disney, Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), as Roy Disney, Jodie Sweetin (Full House) as Charlotte Disney and David Henrie (Wizard of Waverly) as Rudy Ising, Walt Before Mickey is a must-see for all Disney lovers this Christmas!

The inspiring, heartwarming biographical film chronicles Walt Disney’s early years and his career leading up to his visionary creation of Mickey Mouse. Based on the book by Timothy S Susanin, Walt before Mickey is from director Khoa Le and writers/producers Arthur L Bernstein and Armando Gutierrez.

Armando Gutierrez says – “We based the film on Timothy S. Susanin’s brilliant and popular book about Walt’s early years. Our goal was to stay as true to the story as possible, and to embody the essence of the legendary man – and, I believe, we succeeded, with the help of our brilliant cast.”

Walt before Mickey takes viewers on a journey through the passion, ambition, and dreams of a man who would go on to capture millions of hearts across the world, and inspire dreams for generations to come. From Disney’s early childhood in Marceline, Missouri the story begins with his obsessive ambition to be an artist. Pursuing his goal as a young adult he opens his first business, the animation company Laugh O Gram Studios in Kansas City. He brings together his Dream Team of friends and talented artists who support him through his ever-growing struggles in a burgeoning industry. As the first employer to give women an opportunity in the animation world, his fortitude and sense of decency shine through even his darkest hours. Not the best money manager, Disney faces mounting bills, bill collectors, process servers and ultimately his fear of failure… all the while remembering the words spoken to him as a young boy by his father, “Always finish what you started and anything worth doing is worth doing well!”

The film details Disney’s struggle to succeed after repeated failures and obstacles, his close relationship with his brother, finding his one true love and ultimately his determination to pursue his dream. We see how he realizes that “dreams don’t come true without a lot of hope and failure” and how this determination leads him to create the character Mickey Mouse, putting him on the map and into the history books.

Managing Director/ CEO of Vision Films, Lise Romanoff says, “The film is so inspiring and a treat for the entire family! Not a lot of people know about the struggles Disney faced, before becoming the legend he is today. If you missed it in theatre’s, now is the time to check out Walt Before Mickey on VOD and DVD.”

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