USA Film Festival Movie Short Review: ‘Hurricane’

Greetings again from the darkness. Christiano Dias has built a nice track record of short films, and this latest is one of the Narrative Shorts featured at this year’s USA Film Festival in Dallas April 26-30, 2017. It’s a black comedy based on the Communist paranoia so prevalent in the 1950’s and provides a pretty entertaining 13 minutes.

Things begin innocently enough with what appears to be an ideal setting in a warm and cozy home environment as a married couple sits down to enjoy an evening meal. We quickly realize there is an undercurrent of stress between husband and wife, though we aren’t sure if it’s a minor spat or deep-rooted relationship problem.

As things escalate quickly, we witness a pretty intense explosion of emotions involving a Motorola radio, a door-to-door newspaper salesman (yes, this really used to happen), and a storm that may or may not blowing in. That simple dinner at home doesn’t stay so simple.

The three actors all do nice work. Corey Page is excellent as Oslo, the paranoid husband on edge. Lisa Roumain is the underappreciated wife (and Producer), while David Jay plays Benjamin, the newspaper salesman and suspected Communist. Mr. Dias delivers more than what’s on the surface, and uses the music very well – including Vera Lynn’s version of “Back in your own Backyard” (written by Al Jolson, Billy Rose, and Dave Dreyer).

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