TV Review: Turbo FAST Returns On Netflix

Turbo fans rejoice! Today Netflix drops the next batch of its animated offering Turbo FAST.

Born from its partnership with Dreamworks Animation, Turbo FAST is part of children’s original programming available on Netfilx. Turbo FAST, set in the same world as the 2013 animated film, finds Turbo and his crew in Starlight City, fighting villains and getting into adventures.

Having screened the first two episodes available, Turbo FAST is certainly bound to enthrall fans of the film and characters. This season, Turbo and his pals encounter the distractions of binge watching, a familiar brooding superhero, space travel, robots, ninjas, treasure hunts, and more. Each brisk episode zips along with the momentum of fluid animation and is punctuated with jokes for kids and sly winks to adults. The voice casting sounds like they are having a great time and it comes across on the screen.

Of the two episodes I screened in advance, I especially enjoyed The Stinger, where a mysterious vigilante takes a sidekick on his quests fueled by a odd notion of justice. Netflix even gets in on the action with a few self reference jokes as a few snails play hooky to binge watch the Starlight City version of Gossip Girl. It’s clear that the writing team has gone to great lengths to mine material that will appeal to a wide audience.

Parents take note: Turbo FAST is the kind of cartoon you can feel comfortable with your child watching, and as a bonus, it never comes across as pandering or like one of those grating animated shows that get on your nerves quickly. If you’re looking for a show that’s certain to entertain kids, Turbo FAST belongs at the top of that list.

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