TV Review: It’s A “Touchdown” For 90 Day Fiance

Tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, titled “Touchdown,” is this season’s most solid effort to date. Let’s dive right in:


SO far, these two seem to be the only couple actually taking the whole 90 day ticking clock thing seriously. We follow Danielle and her daughters on a search for a wedding dress. Danielle has a pretty strict budget of $500 and a panel of judges so honest it would make Simon Cowell jealous. This has to be the first time this season I’ve actually felt for Danielle. She has never bought a wedding gown before, and comes head to head with the issue of affording the dress she really wants. We may not get resolution in this area this hour, but it’s the first time I’ve felt interested in seeing more of them without that overwhelming awkwardness.

Mohamed, unable to work, is racked with boredom, sending him out walking the streets. This lands him into a game of American football and a budding friendship with soem local dudes. After the game, Mohamed is further immersed in American culture as his new buds take him to a nearby bar where Mohamed learns all about “hooking up.” I love his awkwardness and near repulsion at the thought, while a local woman makes not so subtle passes at him.


These two continue to be the oddest offering on 90 Day Fiance so far. Of course, she shows up and they head back to the States, only to find Jason’s dad as an antagonistic force as soon as she arrives. Not much else to see here beyond the typical bachelor appearance of Jason’s home. By the way, wasn’t Jason and his dad like furiously working on that pool? How does it still look so nasty?


Afgter squeezing as much drama as possible out of the whole diamond issue, the show finally addresses the issue. Brett has a pretty honest conversation with his mother, who tells him that Daya’s suspicions and Brett’s hurry to allay them will only make things worse. Brett sticks to his guns, though, and takes Daya to a local jeweler, where the gem is examined. Just as I thought, Daya takes the time to explain further just why she has been so insistent, and it really does sound like a cultural issue to me.


The couple takes a tour of their wedding venue, which is a very picaresque farm owned by one of Danny’s 9 million acquaintences. Danny and Amy attend premarital couseling, where Amy asks him to make her more of his focus and Danny admits to being overwhelmed by the thought. It’s good to remember that these two are basically kids. We still see no sign of Danny’s disapproving father, but we do see another honest moment from Amy, who admits how difficult it is for her to not be physical with her fiance.


In what seems like Yamir’s manager’s words coming true, Yamir is dropped full on into the glaring social differences that rural middle America has from his metropolitan lifestyle. You gotta hand it to the boy, though, who wants to provide for his future bride and still focus on his music too. Chelsea’s family is really sweet, even if her mother jumps a bit at encouraging Yamir to work at a local meat packing plant. Chelsea takes Yamir to a local bar for open mic night, but the cultural differences still prove too daunting for the time being.

“Touchdown” has plenty of what feel like real human moments, both with the cast as individuals and as couples. It’s not too often we can look at a reality show and say that nothing here feels manipulated. Besides that convienent game of football, there’s a definite organic feel to this hour. And as a bonus, there was no Justin and Evelin in sight. It’s not that I don’t care for this couple, but I want to see Justin grow up…A LOT.

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