TV Review: TNT’s Agent X Brings Spy Dramas Into The Wild

There’s lots to be said for a piece of entertainment based on a wacked out premise.

Agent X, the new action/drama debuting tonight on TNT, has such a premise. The show gives us the real reason why the Vice President of the United States seems to have no “real” purpose or function. Because the VP is tasked with carrying out super top secret work that allows the president to keep his or her hands clean.

Sharon Stone stars, in her first long term television role, as Natalie Maccabee, recently elected to the fated office. She learns quickly that there’s more to her position than she thought. Maccabee discovers this arrangement is arranged by a sercet portion of the constitution, one that allows her to make the hard calls no one else can make and dispatch the titular “Agent X (Jeff Hephner) to do whatever dirty work might be required.

Agent X makes much off its offbeat setup, keeping things popping along at a decent pace. There’s enough twists and humor to keep things interesting, which is especially important when the show takes its eyes off the campy and grandiose and turns to more typical genre stuff. While that’s mostly relegated to character development, it can also be too much of a turnoff for those of us who want things to stay ridiculous (in a good way, of course). Despite that tendency, there’s enough promise in Agent X to keep me coming back the next few hours. I mean, we don’t always need the deadly serious. Sometimes it’s fun to have fun.

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