TV Review: TNT Brings ‘The Librarians’ To A New Series


Spinning off from the film series, TNT is giving The Librarians the television series treatment.

Noah Wyle’s character, Flynn Carsen, the titular Librarian, is thrown together with a small band of previously potential librarian candidates. A mysterious man, played by the wonderful Matt Frewer, killing off the potentials and hunting down artifacts for an unknown reason. Rebecca Romijn joins the cast as, Eve Baird, a counter-terrorism agent on leave and now a Guardian of the group.

The Librarians approaches its proceedings with tongue planted firmly in cheek and, quite honestly, nails that tone well. Think Doctor Who meets Indiana Jones, but with a self aware sense of humor and you’re on the right track here. The Librarians never takes itself too seriously and doesn’t expect its audience to either, but the show also doesn’t disappear down the overly meta trappings of your Sharknados. It’s a tricky balance that director Dean Devlin and writer John Rogers manages to navigate well. I absolutely loved the opening shot of a typical American warehouse that the show asks us to believe is in Germany.

Wyle approaches his character much in the same vein as Matt Smith’s Doctor, which starts off with an odd fit, but grows on you by the end of the premiere. Romijn isn’t given too much to do beyond the typical stuff in the first episode, which is too bad. It is thankful that her character gets stronger as the episode progress, because when she is introduced in the extended opening scene, it feels a little too “helpless female” for my tastes. Jane Curtin and a very elderly looking Bob Newhart also return from the original cast and work well together.

If you’re looking for a fun diversion from the reruns and endless holiday saccharine specials, The Librarians will hit that sweet spot perfectly.

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