TV Review: It’s Time For Bill’s Surgery On Little Couple Season Finale

t’s time for Bill’s surgery, as The Little Couple closes its current season tonight.

Bill’s back surgery is the event the show has been pointing at all season long. With his surprise birthday party in the books and his family still in town, Bill heads into the operating room for an intense spinal procedure. The show doesn’t skimp on delivering the drama, either, and there is plenty to go around. I’m not going to spoil anything, but it’s a nearly claustrophobic viewing experience for the finale’s opening twelve minutes.

Offsetting this emotional height, the proceedings wrap up with Will and Zoey first trick-or-treat outing. Dressed up in their Toy Story costumes, Jen leads her kids on a trek through the neighborhood that really is too cute for words.

All this makes for a satisfying finale, save for the odd extended sequence with Jen at work. With the Ebola scare in the US rising, Jen spearheads the efforts at the hospital to develop protocols concerning the arrival of a potential Ebola case. Pretty typical given her work environment, but baffling on why we spend such a long amount of time here.

Overall, this has been a solid season of the sweetest reality show on television. Here’s hoping that when we next check in with Jen, Bill, and the kids, they’re free from health worries and woes for a time!

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