TV Review: Syfy’s ‘Town Of The Living Dead’ Should Have Been A One-Time Show


‘Town of the Living Dead’ is a twelve part series set to air during Syfy’s “31 Days of Halloween Spook-a-Thon.” The comedic docuseries follows a group of filmmakers set in Jasper, Alabama as they try and finish the zombie movie that they started making nearly six years ago.

While it is important that local filmmakers be supported, and it is admirable that Syfy has given this project its support, there is no reason why there needs to be twelve episodes of this show. The essence of this series would be better captured in a standalone hour or feature length show. You can only spend so much time showing how you train people to act like zombies or illustrating the difficulties of shooting an independent horror film in an extremely Christian small town.

Some of the people featured on the show are entertaining and do create a modicum of watchability. Despite this, there still just does not seem to be enough going on to keep viewers attention for an entire series.

The series is billed as a ‘comedic docuseries,’ which implies that humor will play a large part in its appeal. Straightforward humor is largely missing from the first few episodes however, and this begs the question what is supposed to be funny about this series? It is difficult to tell from the first few episodes, but hopefully the joke is not supposed to be the filmmakers themselves. For the most part they all come off as like-able people with big dreams, but every once in awhile the show’s editing paints them in an awkward light.

‘Town of the Living Dead’ is a documentary series that likely should have been a single one-time show. It has an interesting concept and group of characters, but there just isn’t enough to it to keep people interested (and tuning in) for twelve episodes.

Premieres on Tuesday, October 7 on Syfy.

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