TV Review: Syfy’s “Dominion” Delivers a Packed Pilot

Fans of the 2010 supernatural thriller Legion will soon get anger chance to spend time in that world through Syfy’s new series, Dominion.

Dominion picks up the story some 25 years after the events of Legion, where the battles have led to the creation of fortified cities that house and protect the last human survivors. Dominion is set in Vega, which used to be Las Vegas (bonus points if you guessed that), and under the protection and guardianship of the archangel Michael, here played by Tom Wisdom.

More importantly, Michael is waiting for the fulfillment of a prophecy that heralds the arrival of a Chosen One to unite the humans against the warring angels. Enter Alex (Christopher Egan), the son of Charlie from the film. Only Alex doesn’t know his true identity (yet), spending his time as a rebel in the military and in love with Claire (Roxanne McKee) who’s betrothed to William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale). Is this sounding as overwhelming as the pilot actually is?

Clocking in at a robust 90 minutes, Dominion begins stuffed with exposition and any supernatural trope tossed into the mix for good measure. There’s even some political intrigue for the Game of Thrones fans by way of William’s father, David (Buffy’s Anthony Head) and General Edward Riesen (Alan Dale). With so many different plates spinning, Dominion requires a hefty suspension of logic.

Although weighed down with all the details it needs to deliver, Dominion does seem to promise enough material to sustain its storytelling over a few seasons, should it receive them. Let’s just hope the show finds a stronger stride that what’s on display here.

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