TV Review: ‘Stone Quackers’ Premieres Thursday Night On FXX

Review By Bradley Smith

Cheeseburger Alley, a town populated by anthropomorphic ducks, is the setting for the animated series Stone Quackers. An apathetic, incompetent police officer; Officer Barry; and four “troublemakers”; Whit, Clay, Barf, and Dottie; make up the primary cast of characters as the series showcases their zany day-to-day antics.

Whit and Clay have been best friends since at least 6th grade; often seen hanging out together either at home, a party, or a night on the town pulling one last prank. Barf has a one-track mind and is often a source of trouble for Whit and Clay; whether he’s refusing to listen to advice about a tractor or driving through a hurricane for a candy bar.

Officer Barry provides some narration/exposition when he is on screen and is in love with Dottie. The extent of Officer Barry’s police work is typically asking people to stop doing the illegal activities that they are participating in; he takes more action with his own nightmare of a family than he does with a group of looters.

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