TV Review: It’s Shaky Ground On This Week’s 90 Day Fiancé

With two weddings nearly in the can and mor epotentially on the way, 90 Day Fiance gets uncomfortable in this week’s episode, titled “Going Once, Going Twice…Gone?”


In part, the episode title is in reference to this couple, who I think we can safely say seem to be dangling by a thread. Jason is still working like an extremely weird dog, this time dragging Cassia along to an auction with his father. If the sight of the three of them crammed into the front seat of Jason’s El Camino Doesn’t say it all here, then watching Cassia lose it when she learns she has to sit and watch an auction for hours will. THese two have been seesawing back and forth over their relationship all season and they’re not about to understand each other yet. Cassia wants to spend time together, Jason wants to make money for the wedding, all of which leads to her breakdown in the auction parking lot. Thing is, have we seen them do ANY wedding related stuff yet?


zzzzzzz….they go apartment hunting…zzzzzz….they find an apartment….zzzzzz

I can’t think of one single justification for the short segment with this couple this time out. Moving on.


Poor CHelsea is still reeling from the news that Yamir wants to move to Chicago, so she has a conversatin with her mother. Moms talks sense to her daughter, reminding her of what Yamir gave up to come with Chelsea to America. Chelsea has already traveled and now come home. It’s clear she’s enjoying the security of familiarity.

When she finally has a heart to heart with Yamir, the boy displays an incredible amount of maturity. He strikes a deal with her, to stay in Galesburg for a year so he can work on his English, learn, save, and so forth. After that, the floor is open again. Makes me like these guys even more.


It’s Evelin’s birthday, so Justin goes romantic, taking her up in a hot air balloon for a few hours. It’s a nice gesture for a guy who’s been driving me insane all season, and begs the question just how much money does this guy have anyway? While up in the balloon, Evelin asks Justin to consider having his mother at their “elopement,” and surprise: he agrees! So they schedule a lunch to give his mom the good news, where Justin, the freshly minted “Groomzilla,” still manages to make ot all about himself. Watching him bask in his mother’s gratitude when he tells her she can come to her son’s wedding would be overly gross if there wasn’t the satisfaction of watching the guest list jump to his entire family in under two minutes. Gotcha, son! Also, is anyone else put off by his stammering in the one-on-one interviews whenever he talks about the wedding?


It’s rehearsal night for this couple, and I gotta give props to my boy Danny. His big speech is the closest he’s come so far in confronting his father’s attitudes. It doesn’t look as if there’s been a big impact, but I wanted to see this kid man up for Amy. Still, Danny, I think you’re going to have to make a bigger effort here and deal with your old man directly.

Speaking of Danny’s father, is anyone else having trouble getting a read on this guy? The edits here alternate from his awful confessional moment where he says Danny is on the “outer fringes” and “not an integral part of our lives” to cracking jokes at the dinner. I can’t tell if this Dallas resident (dubious home city shout out) is earnest or not, something I blame on editing.

Elsewhere, is Amy’s mother not the greatest ever? What a sweet lady. Anyone know if she’s adopting? There’s a new show idea for ya, TLC!


It’s getting too painful to watch these two anymore. After Danielle gives Mo the bad news about her job and him taking a walk, this has been the one to bet against. In this episode, it’s their wedding day, and we follow Mo to a lawyer in town that just moght be Teen Wolf. Mo’s not doing himself any favors with the audience here, asking about green card wait times, or repeating over and over “I am stuck!” He has a private conversation with a whiny, weepy Danielle with no cameras present. Instead we get the eavesdropping through the door treatment. Finally, he decides to give Danielle another chance and the wedding is still on, telling us he’s doing it for her kids and “these people need me,” which is basically code for “going to get divorced soon.”

It really is agonizing when this couple is onscreen. Danielle obviously has deep issues which a camera crew both heightens and provokes. When she alternated from the creepy Jack Nicholson Shining face

to sobbing last week, I had to look away. I sincerely hope things end well for these two somehow, but my money, like Mo’s heart, just doesn’t seem to be in it.

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