TV Review: Orphan Black Opens Its Third Season Strong

Orphan Black, one of my most anticipated series, returns tonight with a strong season opener.

By the time the previous season wrapped up, I was honestly overwhelmed. The final stretch of episodes felt like a whirlwind of information, all delivered at the show’s trademark quick pace and storylines that converged in ways that made my head spin.

So, let’s get a quick check-in with where things stand. We learned that Dyad actualy had little to do with the creation of the clones, known to us a Project Leda. Dyad’s interest is driven by Rachel’s desire for children, something the science behind the clones was supposed to have prevented. Of course, we know that not to be entirely true, as Sarah has a daughter, Kira, who may hold the answer to another problem. The clones fall ill, with little hope of a cure.

The biggest bombshell to drop was the revelation that, alongside the creation of Project Leda by a corporation known as Topside, the military has their own clones, a group of males known as Project Castor. We’ve seen these clones most notably in the weird religious cult of Proletarians, played by Ari Miller.

Where does this leave us? While there’s little actual details I’m allowed to divulge about the season three opener, titled “The Weight Of This Combination,” I can say that where season two began to dissolve into a massive info dump that also struggled to keep the show’s secrets while revealing a larger mythology, nased on the premiere, Orphan Black feels more driven again. Sure, the clones are presented with similar problems as before that they solve in similar ways, but it’s something that’s easy to forgive right now. I trut that a show this good and inventive will quickly move away from their traditional devices and stretch its storytelling in new ways, partly because this season feels like its going to deliver some big answers.

Tatiana Maslany continues to shine as the set of Leda clones, able to inhabit the skins of a wide array of characters with ease and talent. Ms. Maslany will have some competition this year with Ari Miller, as we are continually introduced to the Castor clones, all of whom know far more about Leda than our heroes suspect. He’s delightfully creepy and intriguing.

There’s a lot to juggle here, something that gives me a slight concern given how last year tracked. However, the confidence that comes off the screen in this new hour is infectious. Welcome back, Oprhan Black!

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