TV Review: Netflix Has A Charmer for Kids With ‘All Hail King Julian’

Needs something new to pull up on Netflix for the kids and refuse to let them watch Orange Is The New Black? Turns out Netflix has a whole slew of original programming for kids, who knew?

Debuting today are five new episodes of All Hail King Julian, spun off the world of the hit Madagascar franchise. All Hail King Julian follows the adventures of the zany King Julian XIII and his best friend, Mort, all taking place before the events of the first movie.

All Hail King Julian delivers colorful, funny, and short episodes that are full of silliness. There’s plenty of nutty sightgags and quick oneliners that your kid will be quoting nonstop. All Hail King Julian isn’t just a show about nothing. There are plenty of messages and lessons packed in as well. In the three episodes made available for screening, King Julian learns the importance of friends or getting help, and that’s just a small portion. It’s never too on the nose or shoved down your throat. Instead, the stories are well written and will hold a child’s attention. They sure held mine!

Created by the television division of DreamWorks Animation, All Hail King Julian also isn’t some low budget affair. The animation is top notch, with special care to retain the original voice talents for the characters. If you need something to pop on for the kids, or maybe if you need a palate cleanser for yourself after that last bleak season of House of Cards, All Hail King Julia is the lightweight fun show for you.

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