TV Review: ‘Natural Born Outlaws’ Premieres Wednesday, October 21 On American Heroes Channel

Review by Ryan Unger

Although disturbing and unfortunate, the world of crime can intrigue us. Throughout history, notorious criminals often captured our attention and left their lasting mark on communities around the world forever. Natural Born Outlaws, a new series on the American Heroes Channel, gives viewers an inside look at the men behind the crime. Using dramatic reenactments, stock footage, expert interviews and graphic novel animation we see the detailed stories of how history’s most prevalent criminals came to power.

The series premiere features Al Capone, one of Chicago’s most prolific gangsters ever to exist. Nicknamed “Scarface” for a nasty scar he received in a bar room brawl years earlier, Capone came to power during the years of Prohibition in the 1920’s when he smuggled booze into bars and clubs throughout the Chicago area. Rampant corruption of law enforcement, judges and politicians ensured a long and successful career for Capone; he simply paid them all off to turn the other cheek. Soon after we meet Elliot Ness and Frank Wilson, the two men tasked with putting an end to Capone’s stranglehold on Chicago. Through immense perseverance (and a bit of luck), they eventually bring the Chicago juggernaut down for tax evasion in one of the most engaging trials the world ever witnessed.

Natural Born Outlaws compellingly examines the stories we hear about but may not know the gritty detail to. The series premiere kicks off a great new television series that informs as much as it entertains. The reenactments seem genuine, and although violent, the unique graphic novel animation adds an element of fun.

Be sure to make space on your DVR for Natural Born Outlaws. Consider it criminal if you don’t.

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