TV Review: ‘Lost Boy’ More Than A Suspense On Lifetime Tonight

Review by Cypress Bai

Watching Lost Boy may not be a thrilling enough roller coaster ride, but definitely an enjoyable one. With a success in holding the suspension of the story from top to toe, as well as in building up interesting characters along with the way, I, for one, got to experience a rather anxiously exciting journey.

As indicated in the title, The Lost Boy is a story somewhat about a 6-year-old boy who’s been missing for over a decade. However, rather than going for a predictable route of revealing the mystery of what happened to this boy after he returns, this movie keeps that a mystery the entire way through. It focuses on the return of the lost boy, the puzzlement of whether or not he’s really who he claims to be, and the destructive change that comes with him to the family. Therefore, it is more than a simple straightforward suspense; it is also an emotionally rich family drama. And that substantial amount of emotional richness is achieved through two key characters: the mom and the boy.

Like any moms in the world who loves their children unconditionally, the ecstasy of the mom’s precious little boy’s return completely blinds her. She fails to see any of the real damage the boy brings until her other children are put in danger. The madness of this maternal love successfully adds a whole other level of realness to the movie and makes it dramatic enough for a fiction while still believable for the story.
The boy who creates all that trouble also contains a great deal of personality traits that almost all human beings can relate to, the most obvious one among which, is of course the craving and the need for family love. Although his identity remains unknown, the movie reveals just enough doze of what is going on in his mind, and that’s more than enough for us to know that he really is a lost boy, a boy who is lost in life.

With the deep touch upon the exploration of love, the longing for love, the approach to love and all those hard choices that people have to make when it comes to their family, The Lost Boy brings up a whole bunch of difficult yet valuable questions for us to think about.

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