TV Review And Clip: ‘The Little Couple’ Throws Will A Birthday Party

I’d say it’s rare that any television show, even a reality program, has captured the essence of real life as well as tonight’s episode of The Little Couple.

As this season unfolds, we’ve watched Jen, Bill, and family travel the globe, endure illness, and begin to return to a “normal” life. Well, nothing could be more normal than “Will’s 4th Birthday.” This episode is full of instantly recognizable moments and trials that anyone who has planned or attended a toddler’s birthday has experienced. I’ve got to hand it to the producers and the family for this one.

As this is Will’s first birthday party in the States, as well as one that Jen could plan, she and Bill are looking to make it memorable. They hire a professional baker to prepare a safari themed cake (Will’s favorite word and food). To further build on that theme, they rent out a room at the local zoo, complete with an animals and a handler.

“Will’s 4th Birthday” simply overloads on cuteness and funny moments. The looks captured on Will’s face throughout the episode are priceless, as are the moments where Jen or Bill must run interference on the gifts or redirect his wandering child’s attention span. There’s a great montage of Will’s “Cake!” exclamations to drive home his love of this form of dessert.

My favorite moments include Will’s wrestling with a piece of cake nearly the size of his head, which is his “good luck piece,” and the family train ride post party that doubles as a moment to decompress and another chance for us to see Will’s wonderful adorableness.

I also must give props to my man Bill who gets caught napping behind his shades while the ladies make a game plan for the afternoon. Solidarity, brother!! The episode is just chock full of recognizable and relate able moments like this that you can help but connect with The Little Couple.

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