TV Review: The Little Couple Returns With ‘A Little Faith’

Reality television’s nicest couple returns tonight for their seventh season on TLC. That’s right, I’m talking about The Little couple.

Titled “Have A Little Faith,” we follow Jen, Bill, and crew on their trips along the East coast, which divides the episode into three parts. The family heads to Florida for Zoey and Will’s baptism, giving us a deeper look at the extended family. The priest holding the ceremony gets quite rambunctious in his job, so we should probably be expecting him to get his own spinoff somewhere down the line. I haven’t watched as many episodes of this show as some, so I was unaware that Bill and Jen were Catholic. I’ve never seen their faith so overtly portrayed on the show, and although they never achieve a Duck Dynasty level of discourse, it adds a new, interesting note to the show that sometimes borders on one note.

Next up is a “business” trip to Washington DC, where Jen speaks on behalf of her hospital, to gain attention for special healthcare legislation. Her speech is well received and Will even steals a few seconds of her spotlight. They cap off the trip with a private lunch with a Congressman and a pirate themed boat ride that’s right up Will’s alley. For all the talk of faith, Bill and Jen never get political on this DC trip.

Finally, Bill heads into New York City, with concerns over his escalating back pain. Ever since Bill injured himself while working out, he’s been experiencing pain in his back. With all the adoptions and Jen’s health issues, he’s been unable to address the issue, but now it’s unavoidable. Bill doesn’t look to thrilled with his options, but is set on staying healthy for his family.

The main focus of the premiere is how much these guys have grown as a family. The kids are bigger and expressing themselves more. Bill and Jen are seasoned parents now, and display the skills of pros. It’s still fun to watch them interact and love on each other. It’s still refreshing to see a reality show that isn’t propelled by ignorance or fake drama.

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