TV Review: ‘The Little Couple’ Has A “Grand Time” In New York

Jen, Bill, and the kids hit the Big Apple in tonight’s episode of The Little Couple.

With her cancer in remission, Jen is slowly, but surely readjusting to a regular life. After being cleared for travel to a conference in San Francisco, Jen is busy getting her life back on track. First things first, Jen attempts to get back into work mode. Of course, she starts things off slowly, in part due to her extended time away, but also to rebuild her endurance levels after chemotherapy. In the process, the hospital holds a press conference where they highlight Jen’s return and her successful treatment.

This exposure leads to another opportunity to share what she and the family have been through, this time on the Dr. Oz show in New York City, So, with kids in tow, Bill and Jen hit the city. We get to see a few highlights from their visit with Dr. Oz, before things get more personal.

Not to squander the trip, Bill invites his Long Island mother to spend time with them and get to know her newest granddaughter, Zoey. As the episode title suggests, “A Grand Time with Grandma” finds the family hitting Grand Central Station. This sightseeing trip allows Will and Bill some intense bonding time over their obsessions with cars and trains while the girls go shopping.

The Little Couple is always chock full of cute moments, and tonight is no exception. Seeing the two lovebirds, Bill and Jen, share some sweet details of their time and struggle with Jen’s illness is heartwarming. And who could not chuckle at Will’s reaction to his first taste of pickle?

The Little Couple
returns tonight with another charming episode.

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