TV Review: “The Little Couple” Goes One On One With Fans

The Little Couple takes on the fans in a new, hour long special, “All You Wanted To Know.”

If you thought The Little Couple couldn’t get more authentic, then you’re sure to be pleased with the latest installment of the reality series. Jen and Bill essentially host their own one on one, built from fan questions submitted via social media, interspersed with clips from the series’ six years.

Jen and Bill sit side by side on a small couch, and with tablet in hands answer selected questions from the show’s devoted fan base, candidly. The result is a deeply intimate hour. While the bulk of the hour is given over to filling in our knowledge gaps about Will and Zoey, there’s plenty of extra, behind the scenes footage for fans. The parents even take a few moments to speak out about the inevitability of bullying in their children’s lives that shows us how grounded they are.

There’s a tear jerking moment in the piece answering questions about Jen’s illness, where she gets the opportunity to encourage a young fan whose mother is sick with cancer. Keep your tissues handy!

My personal favorite segments close out the hour. It’s here the couple answers questions about their relationship, such as conflict and sex appeal. It’s wonderful to see moments where Bill and Jen spar, mainly because it rarely makes in onto the screen. Still, throughout it all, they maintain their trademark sweetness that’s so endearing. Jen and Bill are just so down to earth, its impossible not to like them. The final moments where they discuss how fans treat them in public is as heartwarming as it could be.

“All You Wanted To Know” is sure to please fans, and can also work as a primer for anyone new to The Little Couple phenomenon.

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