TV Review: The Little Couple Goes Device Free For A Day

Bill and Jen plan a device free day for the family on tonight’s new episode of The Little Couple.

“Device Free Day” is one of those episodes of The Little Couple that fans love and test the waters for anyone tuning in for the first time. Despite the title, there isn’t quite the sense that device use is a problem, only that Bill and Jen are taking active efforts to keep Zoey and Will’s electronic use to a minimum. Jen gives us a very practical discussion regarding her approach to technology where her children are concerned and I don’t think anyone can argue with her views.

We follow Jen to a cancer checkup, where we learn that she’s doing wonderfully well. Following up on Bill’s doctor visit in the season premiere, he divulges that he’s scheduled back surgery and is ready for Jen to take care of him.

But this episode is more than just a bunch of medical mojo. We spend the bulk of the time with the family spending a day at the beach. Jen and Zoey hit the sand for some girl time, while Bill and Will go fishing off a pier in the hopes of catching some dinner.

There’s plenty of fun times here, from Will’s intense desire for candy and Bill’s attempts at fishing. While relaxing on he beach, Jen learns of a beach house about to hit the market and wants to check it out. As with every episode of this show, the family interacts so sweetly that you can’t help but be carried away on the good vibes.

Best moment alert: Bill unpacks the beach stuff from their shiny new truck, calling himself the “Cabana Boy.” Jen doesn’t have money for a tip, but Bill lets her know he accepts sex as well. I just about spit my coffee out during that scene. High fives and fist bumps to ya, Bill the playa!

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