TV Review: ‘The Little Couple’ Celebrate Easter

Review by Joe Thompson

As the family readies to celebrate Easter, life continues to return to normal. This means Jen is slowly becoming reacquainted with her work at the hospital and adjusting to spending less time with the kids. In the first segment, we watch from a distance as Jen makes her rounds, checking on sick children and practicing the medical lingo. Bill is back on kid duty, this time helping Will and Zoey dye Easter eggs and doling out discipline as needed.

After her weekend shift is over, Jen digs deep for more energy, intent on making Easter special for the kids. This entails getting them dressed up and visiting a nearby farm hosting an array of Easter related activities. This is where the remainder of the episode plays out, amidst a petting zoo, egg hunt, strawberry harvesting, and photo ops.

There’s no shortage of antics from Will, whom Jen acknowledges to be becoming quite the ham as he gets older. The sight of an ice cream truck leads to some intense reward bargaining as Jen and Bill wants a cute photo as much as Will wants ice cream. Later at the egg hunt, Will continues to try and get a laugh out of dad that involves a bit of an Easter mess.

Strawberry picking turns into a bit a friendly rivalry, pitting Bill and Zoey against Jen and Will. It could be argued that the outcome was influenced by Will’s penchant for eating his picked fruit.

Later the family heads down to see the chickens, or as they call them “Bawk-bawks,” at the petting zoo. It’s sweet to see the different personalities of each child come out when faces with the live version of the favorite foods.

If this family isn’t the sweetest family on television, them they are certainly a strong contender. This latest episode just shows how much Bill and Jen care for their kids, striving to find the energy for good, quality time that makes holidays special. After all, it is the family’s “First Easter Together,” and that’s something special

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