TV Review: ‘The Little Couple’ Are “Back In Business”

With the cancer business behind them, TLC’s The Little Couple get “Back To Business.”

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier to watch Dr. Arnold wrestle with the trials of being the sole adult in a house with two toddlers and five dogs on tonight’s episode. Normally, that’s not a scenario I’d wish on my worst enemy (well, maybe my worst enemy), but it’s a sweet change for this family. After being home bound and struggling through chemotherapy, how wonderful must it be to return to the normal familial worries?

As the Klein household continues to return to regular life, Jen is putting in longer days at work. This also allows Bill to focus more on his business, now three years strong. In order to do this, Bill is heading to Orlando for 36 hours to attend a pet expo. With his mother in law in tow, as she manages the day to day operations, they’re in a mission to find new products and services that will drive customers in.

I don’t know too many husbands who would spend a few days in Orlando, business or otherwise, in close proximity to their mother in laws. Especially without their wives in tow. So, it’s a testament to the level of comfort in their relationship that these two are so close. Sure, there are some awkward moments, even some that made me cringe. But this is an interesting look at how they balance the family and business sides of their relationship.

With Bill gone, Jen seizes the opportunity to spend some alone time with the kids. Her return to work is accompanied by a concern that the kids might resent her. After all, she’s been home sick for nearly a year, getting to spend lots of time with them. Jen also nets the added benefit (?) of watching her mother’s three dogs. So that’s two toddlers and five dogs against one parent. Still, Jen makes it look easy, at least fairly easy.

She’s planned a slumber party/camp out in their living room for the evening. It’s not something the kids are familiar with, so couple that with a short attention span and you get what looks like controlled chaos. Still, Jen can look back on all that fondly.

“Back In Business” feels like a sweet bookend in a season that began full of promise for the Kleins. Life took them on unexpected paths, but they are finding their way back to normal, stronger and closer.

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