TV Review: ‘Killjoys’ Could Become The Next Big Syfy Series Premieres Friday

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) and John (Aaron Ashmore) are Killjoys (read: intergalactic bounty hunters) who track down marks for an independent bounty agency. They are sworn to chase warrants with no thought to why they are tracking down/killing these people. Their particular quad is rife with class warfare, which is beginning to make it difficult to follow the rules of bounty hunting.

‘Killjoys’ is another promising new Syfy channel original series. It kind of feels like the universes of ‘Firefly’ and ‘Total Recall’ have been beautifully melded together. The shows first few episodes are fairly standard introductory episodes. They set up the background of the main characters and hint at larger storylines that will (hopefully) be developed over the course of the season.

While the show’s first episodes are good there is still a lot of room for it to grow. The hunting bounties template has the potential to feel tired real quick if things aren’t occasionally shaken up. The supporting characters are kind of weak and don’t leave too much of an impression. If the show wants to develop a universe (and fan base) with staying power it will need to add a bit more character depth. With such pathetic supporting characters the main cast just does not feel balanced enough to carry an entire show.

‘Killjoys’ does have potential to be a great Syfy series, but as of yet it does not feel fully developed. Hopefully, if given enough time the show can become something great. It definitely has the potential based upon the creativity of the universe demonstrated in its early episodes. Fans of immersive science fiction should definitely give ‘Killjoys’ a chance.

Premieres Friday, June 19.

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