TV Review: Impastor Needs A Few More Prayers

As part of the latest additions to their lineup, TV Land debuts a new half hour comedy, Impastor.

Created by Christopher Vane, Impastor follows Buddy Dobbs (Michael Rosenbaum), a gambling addict who runs from a debt to a loan shark. In the process, Buddy steals the identity of a gay pastor headng to a small community and sets himself up as their new pastor.

As a comedy, Impastor covers all the bases you’d expect for an identity switch comedy. The problem is it tends to cover that same ground over and over again, until you can see the jokes coming from a mile away. I’ve seen three episodes of Impastor and this phenomenon makes the series pilot the strongest and funniest of the bunch. Impastor also incorporates many off color jokes and sex and drugs into its stories, so fair warning to those who tend to be offended when those subject matters blend into religious subject matter.

Impastor’s greatest strength is its cast, anchored by Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville), who is working hard to sell the material. Rosenbaum imbues Buddy with a slacker sized warmth, who just may also be undergoing a spiritual epiphany. Buddy becomes the object of a sexual tug of war between Russell Kerry (Mike Kosinski) and Alexa Cummings (Mircea Monroe), both who believe Buddy is interested in them.

Fans of more risque comedies will find much to like in Impastor’s initial offerings. However, the series still needs to spread its wings more in order to develop some depth and staying power.

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