TV Review: It’s The End Of The Season For “The Little Couple” And Watch Clip

After watching the season finale of The Little Couple, I had to promise not to reveal any spoilers for fear of punishment akin to showing Will an enormous, icing laden, delicious cake and then telling him he cannot have even one piece. So…here’s my impressions of the finale and the season as a whole, plus a bonus list of things that do not happen in the episode.

Now I’mma let me finish, but I just want to get a critical comment out of the way first. It’s already challenging to critique a reality show, especially one like TLC’s The Little Couple, because this is a depiction of people’s lives. Bill and Jen let cameras into very intimate moments of their life together, adopting children, Jen’s cancer, etc. Most of this season’s episodes have repeatedly shown us just how strong and close they are as a family. These last two episodes have given us more to invest in, not to belittle Jen’s struggle in any way. Bill has a multitude of secrets to keep from his wife, all of which are meant to align into a wonderfully romantic surprise for Jen. The finale does an excellent job of editing and pacing these all together to pull our heartstrings just right. I’m man enough to admit there might’ve been something in my eye during different scenes both weeks. But by the end of the finale, the editing pushes the show over the line between sentimentality and schmaltz with montages and voiceovers almost to the point of emotional fatigue. Again, I felt the finale was a wonderful celebration of the life distance covered by The Little Couple this season, but by the time the credits roll, the producers take it just a bit over the top.
Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

If you thought Bill was a worthy successor to the James Bond School of Espionage last week, it’s nothing to the feats of secrecy he pulls off here. With the vow renewal cat out of the bag, now Bill must navigate his wife’s self confessed need for control and information all the while ensuring things go off without a hitch. I can attest to the reality of a certain breakfast scene that I’m certain many husbands can relate to when they are trying to surprise their wife. I love Jen’s curious look when remarking on Bill’s ability to keep secrets. Bill is the ultimate romantic, a side of him we haven’t got to see too much of lately and the show adds much depth by exploring this side. I said it before, gentlemen: study this episode…this is what the ladies want!

As a capper to the season, The Little Couple lives up to the show’s description narrated by Bill and Jen. It’s a show about a couple’s marriage as they navigate their obstacles in life and in the end, to quote Jen, “love is the most important thing.”

Now, here’s what may or may not happen in the finale:

1. Bill must make an important decision….about whether or not to go commando.
3. Will Jen’s pager, that they made sure to mention last week, go off and she tosses it in the ocean?
4. CAKE!!!
5. CAKE!!!
6. When renewing their vows, weekly back rubs are included.
7. CAKE!!!

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