TV Review: It’s A Bill-A-Bration On This Week’s Little Couple

It’s the ramp up to a big day for Bill on this week’s episode of The Little Couple.

This season, The Little Couple has been building up to another big medical development in the form of Bill’s bad back. After a rather gloomy diagnosis from an NYC doctor, surgery has been in the cards for Bill. Now that the day is nearly upon him, Jen and the kids are setting out to make sure “Baba” knows how loved he is in the days prior.

It just so happens that Bill’s surgery is scheduled around a different milestone: Bill’s fortieth birthday! So, Jen decides to take a page from Bill’s book and throw her husband a surprise party in NYC the night before the operation. Despite a few close calls from some terrible secret keepers, Jen manages to put together a night Bill will remember forever.

If you cry easily, the “Bill’s Birthday Surprise” will find you needing a good handful of tissues. Bill’s party is an emotional moment for the man we’ve so often see as the very exampe of perseverance. The episode takes a little too much time getting to this point, but there are still plenty of tender and warm fuzzy scenes to please fans. And if that all seems a bit too heavy, the episode comes frontloaded with some humorous moments as well, as the family tries to get Zoe interested in Halloween.

The Little Couple is at its best when it’s focusing on the love Jen and Bill share, playing up their relationship, and showcasing the human elements. It’s what makes this installment strong, from the family playfulness at the pumpkin patch to Jen’s party planning and finally the big night. It all flows smoothly because there’s something real at the core. My only problem is TLC’s insistance on playing up Bill’s surgery in the promo clips with the overly anxious, dramatic music and quick cuts. It’s how the network does business, but its too heavy a touch for a show as sweet as this one.

PS: Happy Belated Birthday Bill!!

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