TV Review: The Awesomes Returns For More Laughs On Hulu

Seth Meyers and Micheal Shoemaker’s animated superhero series, The Awesomes, returns for its second season as part of Hulu’s original programming. The Awesomes continues the story of “Prock” Awesome, devoted to keeping his father’s former super team going when they retire. With a dubious new team in place, the Awesomes battle their nemesis, Dr. Malocchio, in the first season that ends with a supposed tragedy.

Now the team is back, in mourning for the fallen Hotwire and looking to fill an open slot in their roster. The season begins with “Hotwire’s Funeral,” in which the team remembers their fallen comrade, while a new villain emerges. The Awesomes want to prove they can still fight crime, but are thwarted at every turn by Metal Fella, a new hero a la Iron Man. Metal Fella beats the Awesomes to the scene every time, so Brock hatches a plan to show up the popular vigilante. “Hotwire’s Funeral” is a good opening shot, although for me most of the jokes here fell flat. The visual gags and one liners were predictable at their best, which is bad for a comedy, but the episodes are short enough to allow for another chance.

Thankfully, the second episode available for screening, “People vs. Perfect Man,” hits all the right notes, lifted up by a foul mouthed cameo from Amy Poehler. When the group holds auditions for a new member to take Hotwire’s place, the much beloved Perfect Man seems like the perfect candidate. Of course, it’s not that easy, as Perfect Man still has to answer for destruction he caused as part of Dr. Malocchio’s mind control last season. Brock takes the case, heading into the courtroom, and then the bedroom to try and help Perfect Man.

The Awesomes still boasts a fantastic comedic roster in its voice casting. The core ensemble does an excellent job of gelling together and creating chemistry. Production values on The Awesomes is also a big draw. Often, animated shows can take a low quality approach to the work, but The Awesomes delivers a colorful and fluid animation

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