TV Review: ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Is Back On Track With Season Ten



The last few seasons of ‘It’s Always Sunny’ have featured almost as many misses as hits. Limited writing and shooting sessions, as well as conflicting other projects, relegated the show to a shadow of its earlier seasons, feeling too much like just more of the same. Luckily, season 10 is a breath of fresh air, featuring multiple great episodes and more than a few good ones. This season marks the show’s tenth anniversary and it firmly illustrates how it got to this point.

As always the show features the simple premise of the gang (Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank) undertaking various schemes in an attempt to come out on top. This time around the gang does everything from starting a cult to going on a family feud-esque game show.

At one point this season even gets self-referential, showing that the show’s writers are aware of how their shtick works. This particular episode, more than any other of the season, works to highlight the tenth anniversary by deconstructing and hilariously analyzing everything that has made it special.

It is unclear how much longer ‘It’s Always Sunny’ will grace the airwaves. Prior to the ninth season it sounded like the tenth would be it. Now, FX has signed the show through at least twelve seasons. If the next two seasons are full of episodes anything like those coming up then it should be a hysterical ride.

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