TV Review: 90 Day Fiance Raises Some “Red Flags’

90 Day Fiancé reminds me of my problems with “reality” show constructions with its appropriately titled episode, Red Flags. We’ll get to all that in a minute, but let’s go through the couples in this latest hour.


It’s wedding day for the cutest couple on 90 Day Fiancé (sorry Chelsea and Yamir!). It’s a perfectly sweet moment for these two, and a payoff for fans of this season. The farm is dressed up nicely and everyone seems to be having a good time. There’s still plenty of awkwardness from Danny’s brothers, Chuck and Nic, over the end of Danny and Amy’s virginity. They start cracking jokes in the dressing room about passing a “sex torch” to Danny, while he seems to humor them as best he can. But then we jump to Amy’s dressing room where Heather gets in on the sex talk too?!? At the reception, the brothers grab a tiki torch and make a big show of dubbing it the fabled “Sex Torch, and passing it on to Danny in front of everyone. I haven’t seen a more awkward reception since Game of Thrones.

While we’re on the subject of this weird behavior, I just can’t get a handle on Danny’s family dynamics. We don’t really witness his brothers interacting with their father, who the show just paints with the racist brush and makes no effort to dig deeper. So the kids moved far away from their immediate family? For what reason? I feel like we get a solid idea of Amy’s situation, but Danny’s background is a mess on the show.


Jason’s family descends on Las Vegas, mostly full of that weird sense of debauchery that the Vegas marketing machine is so good at whipping up. I enjoyed the moments where everyone sat around and kind of busted on Jason, while he cracked retorts so dated he should change his name to Grandpa.

Things get far more interesting as his brother, who thought it would be funny to call Cassia “Green Card,” wants to take Jason out drinking with the guys. I won’t even talk about Jason’s inability to defend his future wife against those attacks disguised as sarcasm or humor. It’s sadly par for the course for how far we all think we can take humor, and we guys need to step up our game. Looks like I said something after all…

Anyway, Jason and Cassia start out together with the family at a bar, where Jason quickly becomes blazingly drunk on shots. And I don’t mean playful, fun drunk, but mean, angry drunk. Alcohol and peer pressure prove a more dangerous mix, and soon enough Jason bails on his fiancé to head out on the strip. We see Cassia crying about his actions, and the fact that she’s practically alone in a strange place where she’s supposed to be getting married in a matter of hours.


After the nail biting drama of watching these two pick out an apartment last week, things could only get crazier with Brett & Daya. And, sure enough, their segment began with the coma inducing footage of people moving furniture. (“Hey! Where do you want this couch?” “Put it over there.”)

But then Brett’s mom pops over, presumably under the guise of helping them, if helping is defined as trying to talk Brett out of marriage by trash talking his fiancé in a not so private conversation. She begins to list off observations that for her are “red flags” while Brett half heartedly defends Daya. Help me out here, people: Do you think Brett was doing a good job standing up for Daya, or did he seem to be swayed? I think we can safely say Brett has a mommy issues that seep into his relationships, but I go back and forth on this one.

Daya isn’t as indecisive, however. She’s crying in a gloomy bedroom all alone when Brett finds her. Points to Daya for sticking up for herself. Despite the ring issue, which I still contend is more cultural than greed, I think Daya’s done an incredible job of demonstrating her devotion to Brett. Sure, a mother is entitled to protectiveness, but there’s got to be a line somewhere. I hope Brett kept an option on his old bedroom at that creepy house cause things aren’t looking so hot for him right now…(Just kidding, Brett. Please keep the apartment no matter what. If you have to start dating again, nothing says mature and capable man like a guy with an apartment.)

And that brings us to…


It’s wedding day for a couple so unlikely I’m actually upset no one has created a drinking game for watching their segments. Danielle’s family couldn’t be more unsupportive of this marriage if their last name was Frey (Two Game of Thrones references in one review!!) In each of their confessionals, Danielle’s sister and Danielle’s son both express the prediction of doom over the nuptials. As if he wanted to dress the part, Danielle’s son walks her down the aisle dressed in his best “bro” gear, like he’s late for a Pearl Jam concert.

And here is where the show quickly pulled the rug out on me. For the duration of the hour, 90 Day Fiancé teased that a major dramatic shift was coming for Mohamed and Danielle in the form of objections during the ceremony, specifically from Danielle’s son. However, he may talk big, but he never spoke up and the wedding went off without a hitch. Well, maybe not completely drama free, since Mohamed refuses to kiss his bride in public due to Ramadan. Anyway, so far 90 Day Fiancé is two for two.

I know I shouldn’t be shocked that the show would manipulate us through editing. This is the stock and trade for this industry. I guess I’m more upset with myself for getting so drawn into this show that I got drug along with this. It’s cheap and manipulative, but should I have expected more? It soured the experience for me some, but didn’t ruin it completely. What say you guys: Can we get mad if the scorpion stings us? It is a scorpion, after all.

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