TV Review: 90 Day Fiance Looks At Money Woes

In “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” 90 Day Fiance takes a surprising honest look at the couples deal with financial problems and family issues. While I don’t forsee a self help book in any of the couples’ futures, the episode is solid, even with the weird Notorious B.I.G. reference.


Let’s all take a moment and feel sorry for poor Jason, who’s biggest trouble, at least at the beginning of the episode, is thathis fiance looks good in a bikini. Just to make sure we get the picture, the camera zooms in often on Cassia’s rear. Kinda creepy, 90 Day Fiance. In a grand show of equality, Jason dons a pair of tight swim trunks that make us all wish we were blind. An odd choice for a visual medium.

Still, the award for most dubious this episode goes to Jason, which is saying something when Justin is in the same hour. Cassia discovers a porn magazine tucked away on his desk, which sets her off as the two of them made an agreement about these magazines. Of course, Jason does the guy thing, which is turning defensive and angry, then transferring the blame onto Cassia for “not trusting him.” See, the magazine was part of his online reselling business, not for personal enjoyment. Sorry, Jason, not buying it when all the other magazines are tucked into storage in the garage while this one is sandwiched between sprts magazines. You got caught. Own up.


We pick up after the ridiculousness of that pool party, where Justin drops a bomb on his family only to storm out when they react poorly. So now we get to watch this guy “smooth things out” with his mother, and later his brother. Only, I’m not buying this either. He does have good talks with both of them, but through both, Justin comes across strangely unemotional in his responses to his teary eyed mom or the dude-motions of his brother. Is it just an immaturity on Justin’s part or is there some strange darkness in this family that Justin runs from?


Danielle’s back to the weepy person we were introduced to in the first week, which almost kills the concern I felt last time. The biggest issue facing this couple is money, specifically that Danielle hid the extent of her money problems from Mohamed. We never get a more detailed explanation, other than Danielle’s lunch with her family and that her cell phone got cut off. In an awkwardly tearful and clingy confession, she tells him it’s because she was afraid he would not have come if he knew. In what is bound to shock the Danielle/Mohamed detractors, Mohamed is very mature and fair, wanting to start over with honesty adn committed to their relationship. so, take that, haters!


These two are fighting with Chelsea and Yamir for cutest couple. Danny and Amy finally get some away time, going on a sweet date that ends with a movie on Nick, Danny’s brother’s couch. Everything comes to a screeching halt when Nick bursts in on them innocently enjoying a flick, and proceeds with more of his creepy schitck. Bro, I know you’re saying you’re “assuming a fatherly role,” but it’s gross, sketchy, and you look like you’re into Amy, so you need to cut the crap.


There’s good times and bad times for them this episode. First, we follow them ring shopping and watch their personal styles collide. The show tries to drum up the artificial drama, but they compromise very sweetly. On the other end of things, Gabriel, Yamir’s manager in Myla Vox, effectively cuts the boy out of the group and disowns Yamir. Funny actions considering just how protective Gabriel appeared in the premiere. It’s a mean, manipulative move designed to protect Gabriel’s bottom line only, and these two weather the storm with grace.

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