TV Movie Review: ‘The Breaks’ Offers A Musical Treat To The Audience Airs Monday Night

Review by Lavanya

By scheduling the release of movie ‘The Breaks’ in January 2016, VH1 production is all set to begin the New Year on a musical note. To be premiered on 4th January, this hip-hop movie shall certainly offer a musical treat to its audience. Based on the life of three friends in the decade of 90s, it takes the audience through the birth of this music trend. Amidst competition, struggle, rejection and failure, as these friends work towards their passion for hip-hop, it offers a closer look at those difficult, old times.

‘The Breaks’ highlights the journey of three friends Nikki Jones (Afton Williamson), her boyfriend David (David Call) and their good, old friend DeeVee (Mack Wilds). United by a common passion for hip-hop, the story revolves around their struggling career and difficult professional journey in the city of New York. Facing resistance and rejection as hip-hop was not openly welcomed back then, the movie focuses on its early struggle.

Giving up an opportunity for scholarship at law school, as Nikki chooses to make it big in the music industry, the story traces her multiple attempts, determined attitude and strong will to accept any challenges on the way. While she survives tough resistance in an uninviting atmosphere, her job as a record executive at the hip hop company ‘Fouray Entertainment’ depicts a strong image. Not willing to give up, as she keeps the passion of music close to her heart, Afton Williamson has truly done a great job in bringing the character to life. Flawless acting and strong performance will undoubtedly pull the audience towards this central player Nikki.

Perfect chemistry, expected differences, unexpected resolutions and strong understanding between Nikki and David are some of the delightful factors to look forward to in this movie. David’s efforts to promote hip hop at a leading R&B radio station and his unpleasant encounters with the manager as he refuses to recognize its worth focus on his end of the struggle. Not relying on the merits of his father’s success as a well-known music producer, David’s decision for an independent journey take the viewers through his share of troubles. While dealing with hardships in their career, as Nikki and David keep its dark influence away from their relationship, the story highlights a true, strong bond between the two.

Along with resistance and non-cooperation from his father, this couple’s good friend DeeVee encounters lack of talented rappers for the dream of recording a hip-hop album. With a hope to make it big in an upcoming trend of music, DeeVee’s hunt and attempts form a fantastic storyline. When he finally manages to find a great lyrical talent hidden within the famous drug dealer Ahm, his job takes up a challenging twist. Working with a notorious drug lord while being surrounded with his men always, demand great unusual skills.

Happiness, sorrow, success, failure, defeat, praises, appreciation, disappointment besides many other shade of emotions color the canvas of this movie. Offering excellent entertainment, flawless performance, great acting and true reality, it is truly worth the watch. As the story takes the viewers through an emerging trend of hip hop music, its rise in the American music industry is absolutely entertaining.

Will Nikki manage to survive in this job with unwelcoming colleagues?

Will David change the face of R&B station with magic of hip-hop?

Will DeeVee achieve success with his hip-hop album?

Watch the movie to experience the strong bond of their friendship, passion and love for hip-hop and struggle over independent paths. A novel story with a strong message, this movie can inspire us to follow our passion with determination and dedication. Taking us closer to the reality of 90s, it does a great job of drawing lessons from experiences of past. A total fun package from start to end, this movie is certainly a good way to begin the entertainment in 2016. Treat your eyes and ears to this musical wonder, as you rap with its magic of hip-hop.

VH1 Original Movie Premiering Monday, January 4th at 9PM ET/PT.

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