Todd Robbins To Host Investigation Discovery’s ‘True Nightmares’ Wednesday, October 14

True stories of murder and mayhem morph into urban legends like the boogeyman or the monster under the bed – haunting our childhoods and scaring us throughout our lives. Investigation Discovery’s (ID) upcoming series TRUE NIGHTMARES brings to life the true stories that spawned these hair-raising tales, proving once again that truth will always be scarier than fiction. Performer Todd Robbins, best known for his fascination with eccentric and arcane forms of entertainment, brings his shadowy and sardonic self to deliver six spine-tingling episodes, revealing that sometimes, our fears aren’t mere figments of our imagination after all. Acting as an on-screen narrator, Robbins appears in and out of scenes, using his ominous tone and eerie charisma to masterfully weave together three stories each hour, playfully hinting that there is always more to the story to reveal. Watch out American Horror Story, there’s a new terror in town when TRUE NIGHTMARES with Todd Robbins premieres on Wednesday, October 14 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

“As no stranger to oddities himself, Todd Robbins leads TRUE NIGHTMARES’ viewers on a thrill ride of chilling tales filled with unpredictable twists and surprising turns,” said Kevin Bennett, general manager, Investigation Discovery. “Employing a new storytelling style for ID where Todd is interwoven in the scenes, Todd drives the narrative along with a mischievous wit, akin to the Alfred Hitchcock of our time.”

“I could creep you out with ghost stories and unsettling urban legends, but in TRUE NIGHTMARES, you can’t deny that these terrifying things really happened,” said host Todd Robbins. “The scary part is that there’s a possibility that these could happen again, and what’s even scarier is that there’s a possibility that this could happen to you.”

In the premiere episode on Wednesday, October 14 at 10/9c, Todd introduces three sinister stories of unrequited love, betrayal, and even being buried alive. First, men start disappearing on widow Belle Gunness’ farm. With farmhand Ray Lamphere madly in love with Belle, how far is he going to capture her heart? Then, young Angelo Hays’ lifeless body is dragged away after a curious motorbike accident, but with a life insurance policy just taken on him, is there something far more morbid to the story? Then, Army Sergeant Stephen Shap is a quintessential American hero and a devoted husband to his wife. To Shap, an oath is sacred and when vows are violated, someone has to pay dearly.

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