‘Think Like A Man Too’ Review

Think Like A Man Too: Review by Alex Saunders


Vegas-based comedy caper movies; if people keep going to see them, they will keep being made, even though there is undoubtedly a Law Of Diminishing Returns at play. The four-part rom-com that was 2012’s Think Like A Man now has a sequel, and the natural progression for seemingly any movie in which any of the characters are going to get married these days is – set it in Vegas! Well, it worked for The Hangover…


If you’ve seen The Hangover, or indeed Last Vegas, you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect from Think Like A Man Too; romantic plans for a civilised weekend in Las Vegas are derailed by the fact that, well, it’s Las Vegas. Derailment of plans is kind of the whole point of Vegas, isn’t it? The slightly odd thing about this sequel is that it has very little in common with the original other than the cast, which was based on a relationship self-help book by Steve Harvey.

Clever Deal

After a while it starts to look a little like an extended ad for a certain large casino firm, and in fact, a rather clever deal was worked out between Caesar’s Palace and the production company, allowing the filmmakers to shoot extensively on the company’s property in exchange for plenty of Caesar’s screen-time. Bear that in mind if, by the end, you feel like you simply must get on a plane to Vegas and roll those dice; you might be better off taking a deep breath and playing some online slots for free instead.


To be fair, the cast is engaging (as was the case in the original movie) and there are quite a few laughs to be had. Kevin Hart returns as Cedric, who, in true Vegas style, manages to run up a $40,000 charge on his ex-wife’s card and then win it back at the tables – or he would have, if Romany Malco’s Zeke hadn’t decided to “help” by removing his chips from the table at the last minute.


As best man, you’d expect Cedric to commit every wedding-based error in the book in a movie like this, and he doesn’t disappoint. Those familiar with the inside of a casino might raise an eyebrow at the amount of luck Cedric has at the tables overall, but despite the slightly tired format and fairly predictable outcomes, Think Like A Man Too is worth a look for fans of crude, sometimes lewd laughs. As well as the cast of the original, including Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Meagan Good and Regina Hall, Kelsey “Frazier” Grammer and Cheryl “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Hines also make appearances.

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