Theater Review: ‘The Illusionists’ Magic At Its Finest

Review By Monique Thompson

The Illusionists will have you doing exactly what the tagline says: Witness The Impossible. The Illusionists, consisting of 7 different magicians, is currently invading the Music Hall At Fair Park in Dallas and will leave a few mouths open as the magicians do tricks that can only be dubbed as one thing: impossible.

Featuring a diverse cast of magicians, this production has everything a magic lover can ask for: Escapologist (Andrew Basso), The Warrior (Aaron Crow), The Trickster (Jeff Hobson),The Manipulator (Yu Ho-Jin), The Inventor (Kevin James), The Anti-Conjour (Dan Sperry), and The Futurist (Adam Trent).

Seeing magic online or on television is totally boring compared to witnessing it in person. Amazingly, The Illusionists make the impossible seem so real which will leave many questioning what was just visible with their own two eyes. Every single scene and trick is done so clean it’s breath taking. There’s even comedic skits added in as well, some being personalized to fit the current city.

While the magicians names may not be bell ringers like David Blaine, or David Copperfield, or Criss Angel, these magicians certainly know how to wow their spectators and are brilliant at mastering the art of magic. With tons of audience participation, The Illusionists does not disappoint and allows tons of audience members to get involved with the execution of their artistery. Perfect for the entire family, The Illusionists is a must see.

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