Theater Review: ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’

With Stop Hitting Yourself, Rude Mechs is embracing the fundamental beliefs underlying late-stage capitalism and indulging in our version of 1930’s Hollywood glamour. Part Pygmalion, part Busby Berkley, part self-help lexicon — all while dancing around a queso fountain. Rude Mechs borrows from the plots of 1930’s musicals to dig into the contemporary conservative dilemma: how to honor steely individualism without disavowing the virtue of charity.

Stop Hitting Yourself is a ball of corny-ness but still entertaining at times. As I arrived inside the theatre, I knew this production would be like no other when one of the show’s actors was on stage half naked dripping in queso, yes queso. The main character, Wildman, is rescued from the woods by a stunning socialite who wants to teach him how to act in society. If Wildman cam become a new polished gentleman, he be awarded at a ball by a drag Queen.

The plot isn’t all that bad but what definitely keeps the energy up besides the expected is by far the audience interaction. As soon as the show starts, the actors recruit an audience member to participate. The dance numbers are even pretty solid. All in all, with so much going on in this production, it makes for an entertaining experience.

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