‘The World Dog Awards’ Online Voting Now Open Airs Thursday, January 14

The CW Network announced that fan voting is now open for several key categories in THE WORLD DOG AWARDS (www.worlddogawards.com). Viewers will be able to see the results of their votes as well as all of the winners and honorees when THE WORLD DOG AWARDS airs Thursday, January 14 (8:00-10:00 pm ET), on The CW Network. Hosted by George Lopez and filmed at the aptly named Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, January 9, THE WORLD DOG AWARDS will combine the glamour of a Hollywood awards show with the appreciation for man’s best friend.

The voting is now open for the following categories at THE WORLD DOG AWARDS:

Celebrity Dog Selfie- The top social media-posted selfie featuring a celebrity and their dog.

My New Puppy- An award for the celebrity who added a new four-legged family member this year.

Pawpular- The dog with the most influential social media presence.

A-List Dog- Celebrity dog that has made the biggest impact in the media.

Top Trick- The most impressive feat performed live on our stage.

Hot Dog- The most talented extreme-sports dog.

Most Dog-Like Animal- An award for the top pet who only thinks they’re a dog.

Best Dressed Dog- The pooch with the greatest costume.

Top TV Dog- The top dog in a current television series.

Pop Dog – Top music video featuring a dog.

Performing Pups – Best performing dogs, showing off a specific talent.

Best Rescue – Newsworthy stories of owners and dogs who’ve been rescued this year.

Top Movie Dog – The top contemporary performance by a dog in a film.

Supporting Actor To A Dog – The best performance by a human actor alongside a dog.

Top Video Game Dog – The best dog featured in a video game.

Best Actor Playing A Dog – The best performance by an actor in the role of a dog.

Honorary awards will be presented as well in these categories:

Underdog- Sponsored by Subaru, this honor is bestowed upon a pup who has overcome incredible obstacles or odds.

The Dog’s Life Achievement- Celebrating an iconic dog character in pop culture that has had a huge cultural impact; this year we honor the legacy of “Toto.”

Subaru Pet Hall of Fame – As part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame was created to celebrate the love and joy brought to us daily by our beloved pets. Throughout the year, pet owners submitted their favorite series, pictures and videos, with the grand prize winner invited to attend the show.

IAMS™ Brand is partnering with THE WORLD DOG AWARDS, giving viewers the opportunity to share their stories behind their dogs’ names by using the hashtag #Barkbios. Select stories shared using the hashtag will be featured during the broadcast.

THE WORLD DOG AWARDS will again spotlight dogs with the most influential social media presence, via the “Pawpular” category. This year’s nominees are a who’s who of famous Instagram dogs: Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug), Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart), Toast (@toastmeetsworld), Manny The Frenchie (@manny_the_frenchie), Harlow and Indiana and Reese (@harlowandsage), Marni The Dog (@marnithedog), Momo (@andrewknapp) and Jiff The Pom (@jiffpom).

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