‘The Night That Didn’t End’ Preview Monday On Investigation Discovery

Season Two Finale Airs Monday, January 27 at 9/8c

When a person is murdered, their life’s story comes to an abrupt end. But for the loved ones left behind, it’s just the start of an unending nightmare. THE NIGHT THAT DIDN’T END brings to the forefront the raw, undying emotion that lives in the wake of a homicide, through the eyes of those closest to the events and most damaged by the loss. Their lives will never be the same, but in the end, their grief-filled recollections and vividly recounted first-person descriptions, come together to reveal the truth behind the tragedy.

A Mother’s Love premieres Monday, January 27 at 9/8c In the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, a pregnant mother and her fiancée are kidnapped on the night before their baby shower. When their family receives a ransom call, there’s no mistake that the couple’s lives are hanging by a thread.

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