The Most Anticipated Live TV Events Of 2016

There are some highly anticipated live TV events coming up in 2016, including live sporting events and award shows around the globe. Below are some of the most anticipated live events coming to your TV screens in 2016.

88th Academy Awards, February 28

The Oscars is always a very widely anticipated award show watched by millions of people around the world. Hosted by Chris Rock, it will honor the very best films of 2015 and is a must-watch event for any movie buff. It takes place at the Dolby Theatre in California, where actors and films will receive their Oscars, live to the world. Many people have Oscar parties and dress up in anticipation of the award ceremony, and you get to watch your favorite actors live on TV.

The Grand National, April 8

This historic annual and very famous sporting event takes place at Aintree in Liverpool, UK. Watching the event live on TV gives you the chance to watch your favorite horses and jockeys compete against each other. The spectators at the event dress up, and there is always the hotly anticipated “Ladies Day”, where the ladies dress up in beautiful outfits and hats. You can find out more information and read about the history of the event at

UEFA Euro 2016, June/July

This huge soccer event takes place in France in 2016. Matches will take place all across the country, with each city hosting at least four matches. This is an opportunity for soccer lovers to watch their country compete against the rest of Europe and hope to be crowned champions. It is expected that over 150 million people will watch each live game on TV in 2016.

Tour de France, July 2-24

Cycling aficionados get the chance to watch their favorite teams and cyclists as they travel across France competing for the title in this exciting annual event. Not only is this a great chance to watch the very best cyclists competing against each other, but there is also some stunning scenery to view. The Tour de France is often full of drama, and you can keep up to date with events live on your TV every day.

Summer Olympic Games, August 5-21

This amazing sporting occasion will see countries from all around the world compete with each other for Olympic medals in a wide range of events. The 2016 Summer Olympics will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and you can watch your favorite sporting action live on your TV screen daily. Whether you prefer to watch soccer, swimming, tennis, or even a range of sporting events, the Olympic Games is a fantastic opportunity to watch amazing sports people compete against each other.

Live events are very special, and watching them live on TV feels almost as if you are there watching the event. There are some fantastic live events coming up in 2016 for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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