Tech Tools For Movie Buffs

It’s easy to forget that the home movie viewing experience is only a few decades old. According to research from Reel Rundown, the mid-1970s were the first time home movie experience came into the mainstream. Most people just watched theatrical releases when they finally came to TV until cassette players started slowly making their way into homes. Although Kodak released the Super 8 film format to the market in 1965, it wasn’t really until Sony released the Betamax in 1975 and the home viewing experience started evolving. As more movie studios took notice of the untapped home movie industry, movie buffs finally had the chance to watch films at home.

Our technology has changed over the years and now includes better ways to view movies with higher quality, but it’s just been recently we can harness rapidly evolving technology to watch movies from just about anywhere right from our smartphones and beyond. So which are the best tech tools for movie buffs? Here’s a round-up of what to add to your list.

iPhone 8
We all live on our smartphones anyway, and movie buffs need the right kind to tap into the films and knowledge they crave. Travelers are especially in need of a device that doesn’t just play films but captures the spirit of the cinema. An iPhone 8 is ideal for its bigger screen, not to mention high-quality photos. Despite its handheld stature, the iPhone 8 turns the concept of a smartphone into a movie-watching experience.

BenQ HT2050 Projector
HD TVs are perfectly fine for an enhanced movie experience but doesn’t recreate that feel going to the cinema can give a film buff. Home projectors can be hit or miss due to issues with brightness and contrast, but the BenQ HT 2050 is the best projector you can buy with a reasonable price tag and full HD picture quality. It can also offer an oversized film screening experience without the need for an oversized flat screen TV.

Movie Vault App
An inexpensive app can deliver a big experience for movie buffs. If you have an iOS device like an iPhone 8, the Movie Vault app can stream classic feature-length films directly through the app to watch it directly on your smartphone, Apple TV or AirPlay. The movies are offered free through the public domain, but the $1.99 price tag for the app makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for and make sure you’re seeing the best movies. The spectacular cover art also doesn’t hurt.

Roku 3
The Roku 3 conveniently packages the streaming experience into a stick that easily connects to your TV. Once it’s connected to the internet, just set up a Roku account and stream TV and movies from sites like Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Amazon and more. Although there are several Roku products, the Roku 3 has an updated remote with voice search and is simple and easy to use. Just talk to your stick and tell it what you’re looking for and what to do and you’re quickly up and running for your next movie night.

Masterclass turns the concept of online learning on its head by offering movie buffs to learn from greats like Ron Howard and Martin Scorsese. But instead of just watching a few videos on filmmaking, students dive deep into topics ranging from directing to screenwriting and location scouting. The premise around Masterclass are insider-only tips with a one-time payment for lifetime access to a class and includes written materials.

There are plenty of ways movie buffs can take more control over their movie experience but start with the right tech to actually enhance it. After all, watching a movie from a small flat screen or dated smartphone just gives you the content, not the experience of really living it.

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