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DVD Review: ‘Land And Shade’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler Alfonso (Haimer Leal) left his family after having trouble accepting the fact that he was losing his home. He returns 17 years later when his son becomes very ill. The wife he left behind, Alicia (Hilda Ruiz) and ill son, ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘A Borrowed Identity’

Even the most cynical of people enjoy heartfelt movies that show the triumph of the human spirit. A Borrowed Identity—a film about a young Palestinian Israeli boy named Eyad struggling to fit into a Jewish boarding school—sends audiences on a powerful emotional journey. Director ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Finding Neighbors’

It’s hard to pull off a movie with a bored protagonist. Boredom is, to state the obvious, not very entertaining. So typically a bored protagonist necessitates a lot of screenwriterly interventions to keep things lively — unlikely situations, colorful side characters, high-concept premises (like ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Big In Japan’

Tennis Pro — the down-on-their-luck Seattle rock group whose trip to Tokyo forms the basis of Big in Japan’s discursive and threadbare storyline — plays a brand of straightforward power pop that is brisk, punchy, and pretty much instantly forgettable. The same could be ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Girlhood’

Girls may make their own identities, but they do not make them as they please. They must choose their identities — their clothes, their walks, their hair, the music they listen to and dance to, the games they play, the careers they pursue, the ...Read More

DVD Review: ‘Futuro Beach’

Opening on a shot of motorbikes criss-crossing sand dunes set to Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” (“America, America is killing its youth”), Futuro Beach affects an air of fatalist cool that quickly dissipates when one of these bikers dies in the film’s opening minutes, drowning in ...Read More