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Watch Trailer For ‘Cartel 2045’

Action superstar Danny Trejo is out to make a killing in Chris Le’s thrilling sci-fi action film Cartel 2045, exploding onto digital platforms this May! One last mission. Retrieve the asset. Go Back to Your Family. The year is 2045, the continuing drug war ...Read More

‘Range 15’ Red Band Trailer

A group of veterans wake up after a night of partying to find out that the zombie apocalypse has spread across the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country in order to find a cure for the outbreak and restore ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Burning Dead’

The Burning Dead was originally titled Volcano Zombies. It was re-titled, I imagine, in hopes of slicing off a piece, however thin, of The Walking Dead’s cash pie. But the original title is perfect because it tells you everything you could possibly want to ...Read More