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Blu-ray Review: ‘Kill Switch’

An experiment to create virtually unlimited clean energy goes horribly awry and it is up to one man to save the whole universe. Need I say more? Yes? Ok. Kill Switch is a futuristic sci-fi adventure debut from acclaimed writer-director Tim Smit. Part of ...Read More

Watch Trailer/Clip For ‘Kill Switch’

Acclaimed writer-director Tim Smit explodes on to the scene with his futuristic, VFX-heavy feature debut! KILL SWITCH charts the story of a pilot battling to save his family and the planet, based on Smit’s short What’s In The Box? Set in a future version ...Read More

Watch Preview Of ‘The Player’ Thursday

The Player 1×09 “Tell” (Series Finale) – Alex (Philip Winchester) receives a major clue about Ginny’s disappearance and teams up with Cassandra (Charity Wakefield) to make sure that his next assignment might actually lead him to his ex-wife. Knowing that Mr. Johnson (Wesley Snipes) ...Read More