‘Survivorman’ New Season Premieres Saturday, November 7 On Science Channel

SURVIVORMAN is back for an all-new season beginning Saturday, Nov. 7 at 10PM as survival expert Les Stroud takes off and heads to punishing corners of the world with a few cameras to document his survival experiences. SURVIVORMAN is an intense survival adventure that demonstrates real survival strategies and tactics while testing the limits of one man’s endurance. As Stroud plunges into the wilderness with no food, no shelter, and no fresh water with only his wits and stamina to sustain him, he will bring a SURVIVORMAN fan along for a special survival episode.

“Les Stroud is brazen and bold and has unmatched skills and instincts after completing so many survival experiments,” said Marc Etkind, General Manager of Science Channel. “Survivorman not only reveals life-changing survival practices, but has directly impacted the lives of our viewers who have found themselves in real-life survival situations”.

Science Channel pushes the boundaries of SURVIVORMAN this season by giving viewers an individual interactive virtual reality experience that will be the next best thing to being with Stroud as he travels to India, Romania, Argentina, Canada and the U.S., among other locations. Viewers will get an exclusive off-the-grid trek with each virtual reality experience as Stroud imparts survival knowledge at every turn. SURVIVORMAN in virtual reality will be released in conjunction with the series.

SURVIVORMAN contest winner Joe McConnell will accompany Stroud in a harsh environment on the Nov. 7 premiere episode where McConnell will be forced to depend on his physical and mental strength, endurance, intelligence, and ability to survive. Can this SURVIVORMAN fan with no previous survival experience keep up with Stroud? Will he bond with Stroud, or find himself stranded, helpless and alone? Does he have what it takes to question and test everything he has learned from SURVIVORMAN to endure?

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