Surprise ‘Dunkirk’ 7 Min Trailer In Front Of ‘Wonder Woman’


I just had a great surprise when going to see Wonder Woman at Look Cinemas in 70MM. Aside from the wonder of seeing that fine film again in 70MM.

After two Standard trailers for The Mummy and Spider-Man, there was a 6 or 7 minute trailer for Dunkirk that was in 70MM and might be the best thing I’ve seen all year! It played more like it was actually a section from the movie than a trailer and it used that ticking clock motif to interconnect the various threads. It was amazing! Especially the intensity and realism of the dog fight sequence with Hardy. Wow! If you are a Nolan fan I strongly recommend you go see Wonder Woman in 70MM.

I have heard nowhere about this. It was a genuine surprise in a business where surprises are pretty rare! Thank you Warner Bros. for keeping this a brilliant little secret. It was so awesome!!!!!!!

Nathan Ligon

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