‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans’ Returns For Season Three On Sunday, July 13 On H2

H2 presents STAN LEE’S SUPERHUMANS: join Stan Lee, the legendary co-creator of X-Men™, Iron Man™, Spiderman™ and The Avengers™, and CCO/Founder of POW! Entertainment as he scours the globe for the real-life counterparts to his comic book icons. The third season of the series returns on Sunday, July 13 at 9PM ET/PT on H2.

Throughout history, the forces of evolution and genetic mutation have gifted a select number of humans with astonishing new abilities and features; a process that continues to this day, and nowhere is it more evident than in the fascinating world of STAN LEE’S SUPERHUMANS. Co-hosted by Stan Lee and Daniel Browning Smith – who has been dubbed the most flexible man in the world – viewers will travel across continents over the course of the series to meet real life Superhumans.

In each episode of STAN LEE’S SUPERHUMANS, individuals from all over the globe undergo tests that may help to explain their amazing gifts. In this season, viewers will meet a man who can swim long distances while towing tons of weight behind him, earning him the nickname THE HUMAN TUGBOAT. Also featured is an individual who has been dubbed THE HUMAN MISSILE as he has dedicated his life to becoming the first human to jump from an aircraft and survive the landing without a parachute. Other Superhumans include a man whose body is magnetic, another who can withstand deadly levels of cold and a man who claims to have jaws as strong as a shark.
STAN LEE’S SUPERHUMANS is produced by Off the Fence Productions and Pow! Entertainment for H2. Allison Bean and Ellen Windemuth serve as executive producers for Off the Fence Productions. Stan Lee and Gill Champion serve as executive producers for Pow! Entertainment. John Verhoff serves as executive producer for H2.

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